Rope Labour Day

SRAA likes to thank everyone from the MOU members, the rope challenge participants, the sponsors, friends, families member and members of the public who were at the Rope Labour Day jointly organise by BMS Group in BMS facility.

It was a 2 day events made up of 2 main parts. 1, the Rope challenge. 2, review of 2014 MOU with ARAA, HKRAA, IRAA, KRAA and TRAA. Update of each association progress on the MOU. KRAA was not with us and had not reply or made known to any member of the MOU and we have 3 more interested country from Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand.

The rope challenge made up of individual and team events. We get positive feedback from participants that they not only gets to know new friends but have gain new insight on rope safety, rope skill, rope technics and have learn about the new direction that rope access industry is heading in Asia and moving internationally. I will like to thanks Richard Seah from BMS Specialist Training Pte Ltd and his teams of judges, Edy Seng from Weng Lee Neonlite & Signcrafts Pte Ltd, Donald Ng and Galen Tam from HKRAA

MOU review, we have some association making progress and some facing slight difficulties but all present have manage to stay on. Its agreed that this MOU have no legals binding between each others and members have no obligation to fulfill to each others. It is base on words, trust, honesty and commitment that we members say what we will do.

After the 2014 MOU, SRAA had been invited and done some joint event and sharing with IRAA in Jakarta, TRAA in Taiwan, ARAA in Australia. SRAA had share with all members its rope curriculum. A document which SRAA develop which outline the rope training base on ISO22846/SS588, the requirements for both facilitator and evaluator which most industry practices.

SRAA made know to all MOU members that we SRAA are moving into ISO17024. After a long questions and answers, discussions including parties from Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand. All parties agreed that a MOI (Memorandum Of Intend) will be sign and shall review in 2 years time. ARAA had also promise to held the next Rope Labour Day in Australia next year. MOI was sign on 1st of May, 2017.

Once again, SRAA likes to thank all whom have made this happened, not forgetting the crews and staffs from BMS behind the scene.

Thank you.
Joshua Lim Ho Hien
Vice Chairman and Certification Director.
for and on behalf of
Singapore Rope Access Association

On behalf of all participants for the upcoming Rope Labour Day 2017, we thank our sponsors for being a generous one. We want to extend a heart-felt thank you for all your commitment to making this event so successful. Your generous contribution helped make this event a reality.

As we continue to grow together, please know that partnerships with our sponsors are vital to the success of this event. You are truly appreciated. Thank all of you again.

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