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Singapore Rope Access Association

Our Vision

The Association aims to be the leading association in the ASEAN region by adopting and implementing the best global practices for industrial rope access and work at height.

Our Mission

The Association’s mission is to improve member’s operating criteria by implementing system management, quality planning that ensures the competence of personnel, correct team composition, selection, proper maintenance and correct use of equipment.

Our Objective

The Association’s objective is to represent businesses in Singapore directly involved in industrial rope access.

The association shall: – promote and maintain high standards, safety, work quality and working practices for the industrial rope access industry;

  • publicize and promote the activities and interests of its members;
  • provide, or assist, in the provision of appropriate educational, training and certification systems for personnel employed in the industry, which shall not be limited to members;
  • provide informed opinion and advice to Association representatives in external bodies;
  • promote, support and provide feedback on legislations affecting the interests of its members.
  • indicate areas of research and development where initiation is needed to solve problems facing the industry.
  • carry out or engage in such activities as may be reasonably deemed necessary for the business of the Association.
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